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"Easily Get Your Own Complete Empire Of Moneymaking Niche WordPress Blogs, Set Up In Minutes - For Just A Few Pence Each

...And Discover How To Get Backlinks To Your Blogs For Easy Search Engine Traffic"

Hi there!

You've probably already heard about the BIG profits being made by bloggers.

People are making thousands of dollars a year from a single blog, and many people are now making a full time income just from owning a collection of blogs.

But of course what you really want to know is how can YOU carve out a slice of this amazingly profitable pie?

Today I'd like to tell you about the Software Silver Club, a special club for people like you, who want to build their own empire of profitable niche blogs.

This exclusive membership includes step-by-step tutorials, special software resources and valuable niche content.

It will help you get your first moneymaking niche blog set up in just a few minutes from now, even if you've never even seen WordPress before.

And you could be generating income from your blog within a small amount of time.

I'm sure you'll agree that this essential membership could become a very valuable resource for your online business.

Please take a look at the amazing resources that you'll get instant access to, as soon as you join...

Quick And Easy Step-By-Step WordPress Video Training

Our simple, step-by-step video training will how you how to set up a complete new blog from scratch.

As well as our exclusive introduction covering basics such as how to set up a blog, there is also a special 21-video training package that will show you...

How to use the Wordpress Dashboard

How to create and edit a post

How to use WordPress tags, categories, links, pages and comments

How to use the WordPress Media Library feature

How to use WordPress themes, widgets and plugins

How to use WordPress users, tools and settings

and much more

With all this in-depth training, you'll soon become a master of the WordPress system.

Create Your Own Blogs In 40 Different Niches

Your membership also includes an exclusive selection of 40 ready-made WordPress blog content packages.

Once you've set up WordPress on your hosting, you simple add one of these packages, to instantly create a complete niche blog.

Each package includes a selection of between 25 and 200 ready-made articles, with a special autoposter software "plugin" that will post the articles to your blog over a period of 25 to 200 days.

This solution will make it look like you are personally updating your blog every day, without you even lifting a finger!

Here's a quick summary of just some of the niches covered by our special packages...

  • Internet Marketing (premium 200-article package)
  • Health and Beauty (premium 200-article package)
  • Personal Finance (premium 200-article package)
  • Dating and Relationships (premium 200-article package)
  • Weight Loss (premium 200-article package)
  • Acne
  • Hair Loss
  • Holidays
  • Men's Issues
  • Pets
  • Parenting
  • Halloween
  • Health drinks
  • Medical careers
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Mountain bikes
  • Online jobs
  • Paternity
  • Recipes
  • Retirement
  • Seizures
  • Swimming
  • Vacations
  • Wedding videos
  • and many more

With all these valuable niche packages, you can easily create a complete empire of blogs, with minimal effort.


These plugins contain a total of 2,000 articles. You also get all the articles in ordinary text article form so you can use them for other things too, if you wish.

Moneymaking AdSense Plugin

As well as the special autoposter plugin mentioned above, your membership also includes our AdSense plugin, which makes it quick and easy to monetize all your blogs.

Just add it to your blog and let the plugin handle making money for you on autopilot.

This really is the ultimate easy way to monetize all your WordPress blogs.

PLR WordPress Theme Collection

The membership also includes a collection of 500 private label WordPress themes that you can use on your blogs - or use for anything else you wish.

Special Bonus 1...

Discover How To Get Backlinks To Your Blogs

Special Software And Video Training

Did you know that Google now handles 3 Billion searches every day?

Getting on the front-page of Google for your chosen keyword can easily turn your website or blog into a Gold Mine.

But getting a lucrative front page position is all but impossible, unless you have lots of quality backlinks to your websites and blogs.

Our "Backlink Bullion" solution will help you create these essential backlinks, with an easy to use link finder service combined with quality video training...


One of the most effective ways to get backlinks is to leave comments on other people's blogs (each comment will include a backlink to your website).

The exclusive Backlink Bullion Link Finder Service operates in conjunction with to provide a quick and easy way of finding suitable blogs that you can leave comments on.

Here's a screenshot of the simple form that you use to find backlinks:

Just enter your keywords into the form. You can even upload a complete keyword file, to allow you to easily search for hundreds of related keywords. The system includes full instructions on how to use the free Google Keyword Tool to generate keyword files.

After you enter your keywords, the system will instantly generate a set of Google search links, allowing you to search for relevant blogs that accept comments.

Here's an example of the search links generated from a search for two keywords "weight loss" and "lose weight":

The system constructs special Google searches that will only find blogs that match your requirements and that allow comments to be posted. Just click on the link for the search you want - and the corresponding Google search results will appear instantly.

You can search for three different types of blogs (WordPress, MovableType and Drupal) and you can choose whether to search for just .edu blogs, just .gov blogs or all blogs.

You can also limit your searches to only find blog posts indexed since a particular date. So if you use the system on a regular basis, you can limit your searches to blog posts created since the last time you used the system.

This simple system makes it quick and easy to find loads of places where you can create powerful backlinks to your own websites and blogs.


To supplement the Link Finder Service, Backlink Bullion also includes a selection of essential videos and reports...

If you've never done blog commenting before, you'll want to watch the special videos that accompany the Link Finder Service, which cover...

  • How blog commenting works
  • Why .edu and .gov blogs are usually better than other blogs
  • What sort of comments you should post

There is also a comprehensive series of nine videos on using social bookmarking sites for backlinks, which covers...

  • Why social bookmarking is so powerful
  • Getting backlinks from highly ranked authority sites
  • A step-by-step guide to using the major bookmarking sites
  • The what, where and how of effective social bookmarking

There is also a valuable report on how to outsource backlinking at low cost using Fiverr, which covers...

  • Why Fiverr offers such a cost effective option for outsourcing backlinks
  • How you can get hundreds of backlinks created, for just $5
  • How to use Fiverr
  • How to select a Fiverr seller
  • The types of backlinks that Fiverr sellers create

If you're new to the whole concept of backlinking, there's also an introductory 5-part ecourse on the subject, which covers...

  • What backlinks are
  • The basic methods of creating backlinks
  • Why backlinks are so important for Search Engine traffic

If you take a little time to absorb all the in-depth knowledge packed into this training package, you'll soon become a master of backlinking.

And that means you'll be able to drive loads of free search engine traffic to your own websites and blogs.

Special Bonus 2...

Webmasters Software Collection Of 23 Tools

In addition to all the WordPress resources, your membership includes a selection of 23 useful webmasters tools for use on ordinary websites.

This collection includes...

Affiliate Fire Extinguisher - Boost Your Commissions SAFELY

Almost every other software on the Internet that claims to boost your commissions actually burns a large proportion of your commissions. Affiliate Fire Extinguisher boosts your commissions without exposing you to this serious risk.

Cross Link Randomizer - Make Your Site More Sticky With Random Cross Links

Automatically link your web pages to each other to provide a selection of links for visitors to surf.
(a simple solution to ensure deep spidering of websites for search engine optimization)

Home Page Randomizer - Your Home Page Updated Daily With Zero Effort

Make your website look fresh and vibrant automatically - without you doing any regular site updates.

Plus another 20 useful tools to build websites, boost profits and drive traffic

Special Bonus 3...

Unlimited Use Of Our Reseller Program

Sell Memberships Yourself And Keep Every Penny

When you join the Software Silver Club, you can use the exclusive Reseller Program to sell Software Silver Club memberships yourself - and keep all the money.

To make it really easy for you, we'll give you a complete ready-made sales page (just like this one) that you can use.

You can sell Software Silver Club memberships from your own website (using any payment service you want), offer memberships as a valuable bonus with anything else you sell - or include access to the membership in your own packages or membership sites (see below for full terms and conditions).

Just sell the memberships and we'll take care of everything else.

We'll host the members area and all the products for you and provide any necessary support to your customers.

This really is the ultimate easy way to offer your customers a valuable business resource at an amazing price - and with absolutely zero hassle.

Join Now For Just 9.99

With nothing more to pay ever again

Membership of the Software Silver Club costs just 9.99.

That's a tiny fraction of what you'd expect to pay for all these great resources.

You also get permanent access to the members area, so you also get any new resources added to the membership in future - at no extra cost.

And as a special bonus, you can use our special Reseller Program to sell an unlimited number of Software Silver Club memberships yourself - and keep all the money.

Join Now For Just 9.99

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Wishing you success from everyone at!

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